Nursing Workgroup Diversity and Performance Analysis

The study aims to examine relationships among nursing workgroup diversity, workgroup processes and workgroup performance. According to the article, research is needed for a better understanding of the implications of diversity (age, race, unit tenure, RN experience and education) on nursing work group performance (patient falls, satisfaction and medication errors). The authors explain that diversity of the nursing workforce has increased over the past 10 years, supporting statistical evidence is reported and relevant literature is included to warrant study. The authors go on to state the problem as: while greater workforce diversity may foster more culturally appropriate care, it is currently unclear whether diversity is advantageous to the actual nurse team members themselves. In the context of current nursing knowledge, this problem is appropriate to address. However, a full literature review of major studies exploring diversity, workgroup processes and performance was extremely limited. Instead, the authors concentrated on non-healthcare studies and literature that directly rela…




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