Nursing: Why Not Men?

“Males make up about 5% of all RNs working in the United States today” (Poliafico). Nursing is a profession in the health care field that concentrates on the nurturing care of individuals. The United States currently lacks testosterone (the male hormone) in the nursing field. The subject is something many people have thought about at least once in their lives. Some may argue nursing is a career meant for a woman, while others may argue it is a non-gender specified career option. Either way, the world has come to accept the lack of men in nursing. The nursing profession should be for both men and women, but society puts a stereotype on the ‘average nurse’ preventing men from being accepted into this career.
Before modern day nursing women were not the nurses, men were. The earliest established nursing school was for men; women were not allowed and were not considered pure enough (Thompson). All of this changed in 1844, when a woman named Florence Nightingale, “a feminist who believed in an equal voice for both men and women” (Poliafico), decided to devote her life to caring for ot…




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