Nursing the surgical patient

Nursing the surgical patient is usually referred to as postoperative care. Postoperative care is the care a patient receive ensuing a surgical procedure. Postoperative care usually varies with specific surgical operations. Nursing of surgical patients usually begins promptly after the operation, continues during hospital stay and may also progress after the discharge from the hospital. Notably, awareness of the safety and the possible complications of the surgery is also a part of the postoperative care (Ibrahim et al., 2013). This paper seeks to present a detailed discussion of the appropriate nursing actions for taking care of surgical patients using a stipulated case of a patient by the name Fred Brown, who had gone through a knee replacement operation as the basis of allusion. Also, the paper will discuss one possible complication that could arise as a result of the operation and an appropriate discharge plan for the patient. Postoperative care is very vital for every surgical patient.

Nursing actions

Pain management

A patient can experience post-operative pain due to several reasons including the position and size of the incision, internal manipulation, potential abdominal distention and psychological factors such as anxiety, fear, and depression…




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