Nursing Practicum Proposal

Nursing students today are diverse with different learning styles. Nursing educators must shape students to become critical thinkers and there are a host of approaches for instructors to develop needed teaching skills (Kostovich et al., 2007). There are many models of education styles; one to fashion teaching after is from Kolb’s model in 1985 which suggests matching learning methods to teaching approaches. However, educators need to become proficient in identifying individual student learning styles. Nursing educators should also recognize their own teaching style and the effect it has on learner development and socialization (National League for Nursing, 2007). The National League for Nursing (NLN) has developed eight core competencies for nurse educators. The NLN proficiencies serve as a guide for faculty to follow in order to provide high quality education for nursing students (NLN, 2007). This paper is aimed at proposing a student teaching practicum at North Central Michigan College (NCMC) in the nursing high fidelity simulation/skills lab for the winter 2014 semester.



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