Nursing Philosophy

Nursing is a science in which all the needs of a person are met through the proper use of the nursing process. With health care as a universal human right, it encompasses a process that involves a collaborative care of people of all ages and communities in all settings. Nursing is essential in promoting health, prevention of illness, care of the sick and disabled people in the society. Nursing advocates for the promotion of a safe environment, research, shaping health policies, education and patient health management systems. The philosophy of nursing examines the truths and ideals in nursing. It is the result of the intellectual effort to understand the relationship among people, environment and health.
Nursing philosophy outlines the values and ethics of the practice and appreciates the core elements that contribute to health. The philosophy also promotes a personal belief about people, environment, health and nursing. Nursing philosophy reflects the values of caring for others, which is an essential part of nursing, professionalism in the practice, health, environment and educa…




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