Nursing is a Profession

A profession is more than just learning a set number of skills or acting in a particular way. Even though nurses do not have complete autonomy in decision-making and practice, Nursing should be considered a profession because it requires an extended education and has a theoretical body of knowledge. No one factor can delineate a job from a profession. To act professionally, means to administer care in a conscientious and knowledgeable way without impeding harm on others. The nursing profession remains committed to the care and nurturing of both healthy and ill people, individually, or in groups, or communities (Cherry & Jacob, 2008).
View 1: Nursing is considered a Profession
Nurses of the past and present have struggled for recognition as knowledgeable professionals (Cherry & Jacob, 2008). Florence Nightingale played a major role in bringing about changes in nursing. As society changes so does the role of the nurse. The quality of health care cannot be compromised to patients. Nurses must continue to play major roles in future health care initiative (Cherry & Jacob, 2008). A d…




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