New York Broadway Stage play-Fun Home

I vividly recall a play performance I watched at New York Broadway theatre called Fun Home and was directed by Emily Skeggs. I was accompanied by my three friends and the play was based on comic lifestyle at home that has several experiences including fighting at one home, harmony, caring and neglect at other point in time. The family that is made of five members is based on conspiracies of past history and other upcoming issues emerging in the normal daily life, course of work, school, vacations and neighborhoods. I felt as if the play was absolutely hilarious and was presented very professionally. In my view, the piece shone because of the excellence of performing portrayed by the characters in concert of that set. The show is comic representing a family set up that is filled with drama, entangled in secrets and addresses the sensitive issues in a rib-tickling style that highlights what people have experienced or experiencing in their families.

The theatre was packed to the capacity, the atmosphere was entertaining and there were few whispers from the audience who anticipated the show to begin. My friend Mike had read of the advertisement of the show from the school notice board, he shared with us and on reading the preview from the internet we became interested. We found it amazing to hang out on a Friday evening at New York Broadway theatre. I had gone there four times, six years back with my parents to watch to watch live performances in company with my family, my both parents, my younger sister and brother. It was thrilling and I could reminiscent the memories back then, actually I am the one who strongly influenced my friends to purchase tickets since they never been there before. Most of the performances I had watched were comic and based on family story lines, and I thought why not hang out in company of my close friends and have some good times watching a play…



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