My Plans to Major in Finance

I am interested in both the Tepper School of Business and the Mellon College of Science. I chose these two schools because I would like to major in either finance or mathematics. Also, I would like to minor in mathematics if I was accepted into the Tepper School of Business.
My first choice is the Tepper School of Business because the study of finance seems exciting. I am very interested in familiarizing myself with all the different aspects of the financial world. I would like to understand how other countries deal with matters financially. Thus, I am eager to study abroad so I could be able to relate the financial aspects of other countries to our own. My interest in mathematics also contributes to the reason why I am applying to the Tepper School of Business. Another reason why I am interested in finance is because I want to learn more about the stock market. As of now, I would consider myself an amateur when it comes to understanding how the stock market works. I hope to increase my knowledge of the stock market by studying finance.
Throughout highschool, I have partici…




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