My Plans for Nursing

If you are trying to pursue a career in nursing you should do your research on this field. I have learned so much about what it takes to pursue a career in nursing and that there is so much more to it than just choosing what kind of nurse you want to become, to find out all about nursing you have do all the research possible. There are many roles that a nurse has such as a caregiver, educator, advocate and many more. The practice level of nursing is very broad also, there are plenty of degrees that you can get as a nurse, along with the specialty areas of practice I want to become a pediatric nurse which would be a specialty area. The practice settings of nurses vary from a hospital, community, outpatient, or school there is an endless amount of them.
A nurse has many responsibilities and roles to their patients that they have. A nurse is a caregiver to their patients they are responsible for meeting the physical and emotional needs of the patient, they are to be able to identify, prevent or treat an illness or disability. A nurse could also be an educator, they could teach a class …




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