My Models of Transition in Nursing

In life one can achieve anything as long as the endeavor undertaken is approached with determination and perseverance. There have been countless testimonies to that effect and my personal experience is living proof of the veracity of that statement.
Stepping up to a higher level of education as described by Bridges, is a very difficult transition to make. Family obligations and work pressure me to remain in an inert state of thinking; I was convinced that too many responsibilities and lack of time would not allow me to accomplish what I must accomplish to advance myself. Today according to Bridges’ Model, I am in the final phase or the “new beginning” (Bais and Hayes, 2011, p.5) because I have mustered the courage to overcome that way of thinking.
I am conscious that returning to school, will accompany stress and anxiety. However I am also aware that my decision may encourage others to overcome the fear of returning to school. I can help my peers or leaving behind the “old way of thinking and behaving” (Bais and Hayes, 2011, p.5). The strategies that help me in this tr…



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