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Introductory statement regarding the Haitian immigrants group

Health issues tend to have a disparity between societies and communities. This disproportion is usually attributed to the influence of culture on life choices and decisions that affect health. In this respect, the healthcare sector has to take into consideration that cultural aspect of care if at all holistic and tailored care has to be afforded to deserving populations and thereby bring in desired patient outcomes. The Haitian immigrant population is a typical example of a group that exhibits unique health issues tied to their way of life and their decisions which they mainly base on those particular cultural beliefs. In this specific instance, the focus is on the prevalence of hypertension in the Haitian immigrant group and the role of the healthcare sector and particularly the professionals regarding how they manage these patients within the concepts of patient-centered care.

Research has shown that the emergence of health concerns on the human body within this particular group has varied with the background of the community, environment, lifestyles and cultural aspects. These are some of the factors that influence the health conditions of people and from which the researchers have based their studies on to identify commonality in raising health issues. One of the primary traits of the prevalence of hypertension among the Haiti immigrants has been identified as their cultural practices and beliefs regarding the condition. Basing the meaningful outcomes from the perceptions of the patients, research has shown that little attention is paid to hypertension condition; this continues until the risk factor results to adverse disorders that are life-threatening emerge (Kenerson, 2014). Further, the strong cultural beliefs of the community lead the patients to seek medical intervention from the herbalists and traditional doctors…



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