Marketing Complex Offerings

In an era of more fiscal control, more attention is being put on the budgets and purchasing decisions. The impact is that more people higher in the buyer organization will want to okay large purchases. The result is more participants, more scrutiny and micro purchases. The smaller purchases or projects can allow the buying organization to have less people involved who may not have to be on the executive team.

Key Chapter Points

1. Buyers’ expectations are different
2. Understand the unique needs of your buyer personas
3. Buyer personas make collective decisions for the organization
4. Understand the attributes of the buyers
5. A purchase is always seen as an investment
6. Emotion has a hand in all buying
7. Buyers can struggle with unseen forces in making buying decisions
8. Buyers are technologically-enabled like never before
9. Buyers regard socialization as a decision-making tool
10. Business to business buying demands different skills than consumer



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