Ecovative (www.ecovative.com) is an North American based company who have invented and patented a new packaging technology
that is eco-friendly (TED Talks Season 24 Episode 10.01.10 – Eben Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic?)
They are seeking to develop worldwide impact by promoting the use of their technology (product and process) as a
replacement to traditional use of toxic chemicals and plastics such as formaldehyde and Styrofoam.
Watch the video, peruse the website. Take a look at the five current applications that mycelium can be used for. Now
consider this in the context of your home country market. Research and discuss with your syndicate what agricultural by
products are in abundance and which might be suitable for use with mycelium.
Then research and discuss which industrial/manufacturing sector in your home country would be an appropriate market to
The Place element of the Marketing Mix – This should include among other things:
where are the optimal sites for manufacture (what country and what town/area)
who and where are the potential buyers
how do they currently fill their need at what cost? from where?
what distribution infrastructure exists and how reliable and costly is it?
The Product element of the Marketing Mix – This should include among other things:
what agricultural by products are available and suitable for mycelium manufacture (and where are they concentrated – tell
your colleague researching Place)
assess the size of the different potential markets (which industries predominate, are healthier/more profitable, or are
more approachable)
Of the products currently in use in your chosen industry what are their features, benefits and drawbacks and how does
Ecovative’s product compare – can you do a comparison table of features and benefits ?
Include in your appendix – your Porters 5 forces analysis paying particular attention to ‘substitutes’
The Price element of the Marketing Mix – This should include among other things:
Can you identify price points for current supplies?
Can you identify the elements of costs to be considered such as shipping/transportation?
What is the value to the customer of his current supply vs. mycelium products?
How will using mycelium products improve his value chain from manufacture to end customer?
The Promotion element of the Marketing Mix – This should include among other things:
What methods of promotion should be considered in launching this product in to this market?
Which would you recommend?
Where and when can you get across your marketing message to promote your product? Are there trade shows, industry
journals, industry associations? How might you use Public Relations to gain exposure for your product?
Write a conclusion, It should sound something like: In conclusion XXXXX country presents a unique opportunity for
Ecovative to expand its manufacturing of mycelium XXXX products. Four hundred and fifty million tons of wheat hull waste
is produced as a byproduct of cereal manufacture daily, ensuring a robust supply of agricultural by product as a base for
mycelium manufacture. XXXX country is a world leader in the manufacture of XXXX. ABC company alone ships 400million boxes
a week which are currently packaged using traditional and costly Styrofoam packaging. Additionally there is an increasing
consumer awareness of eco issues which is driving a change back up the value chain.
After writing your conclusion – re phrase as an Executive summary and put it at the front of your report.
Executive Summary This is the last thing you write, though it comes at the front of the document. (It is a re-working of
your conclusion) About 300 words.
Table of Contents With page numbers.
Narrative About 1800 words.
State your specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, time constrained goal.
State the key findings from your research (see pg 14 of course guide ) AND which ONE of the current products listed on the
Ecovative website you are recommending. State which agricultural by-product you will use and why. Which place or country
and where in that country you are suggesting a manufacturing plant be established and why. State who you will promote to
(which industrial segment – such as pc manufacturers, and target companies if possible) and why (State if B2B or if B2C
and explain). Discuss price in so far as the price points established by competitors for similar products.
Note what competitors you will have. (If possible include how they use segmentation and targeting – this can go in the
appendix if your word count is creeping up)
Conclusion About 300 words. Summarise your recommendation as to why Ecovative should establish a manufacturing sales and
distribution point in the country and place you have chosen.(Who What Why Where When and How expressed as a single
S.M.A.R.T objective as much as possible)
Reference list Minimum of 15 good references including the text book!
Done in Harvard format – a guide to Harvard format is on Moodle.
Appendix Should contain things like:
Porters Five Forces, PESTEL and SWOT and any other tools you have used or methods you have employed such as Ansoff, BCG
and portfolio analysis.
Team Meeting logs/status reports (minimum of 24)
Will also contain data and supporting evidence that is too detailed to include in the report and which is used to back up
your recommendations in the narrative. Include figures, graphs, statistics, tables images here.
Technical elements of the style of the report.
Tahoma or Calibri typeface
12 pt text
14pt headings
0 – .6 pt spacing above/below
Block Paragraphs
Normal margins

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