managing organizational change

The assessment for this module is a critical essay of between 3000 and 3500 words in length. You should select material from throughout the module, and should discuss your plans with one of the module tutors at an early stage to ensure that your focus is appropriate and sufficiently critical. You must use module concepts and texts as a foundation for your work.


“Drawing on your groups’ experience of managing change throughout the module, reflect on the extent to which you feel that all organizational change can be planned and managed.”


You are required to support your answer with the use relevant and appropriate theories and examples from your groups’ experience”.



The Critical Essay requires you to think about the strengths and limitations of the use of some of the theories and concepts studied. You have latitude to choose which theories and concepts. You should start with some critique of the usefulness of these, and then use this critique to inform the guidance that you would give to managers.  This is an in depth, critical piece of work so you should not spend time describing theories of change. You need to show:



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