Love Poems of Sappho

In normal life, we experience and undergo a mixture of different feelings which we relate to love since it is a very important aspect of human life. By being able to explore the nature of what we feel about other people and things we get to understand ourselves and others better since we can express it in the right way. Poets have a unique way of describing the feeling of love whether to the opposite sex relationship, marriage, parental, family and friendship. They use different aspects of language, tone, structure, figurative and certain subject matter that send the articulate message regarding type of love in question. In this paper, we explore the various ways and language aspects poets use to write poems of love.

In the passionate shepherd to his love by Christopher Marlowe, we get to see a distinctive language that has employed symbolism to express love. He compares the good feeling of calmness that duels in the valleys, groves and hills to what the lover is bound to receive when she accepts to come and live with him. It is filled with comparative language which is expressed with enthusiasm and vigor where the lover promises to provide goods such as bed of roses to the partner. He used a present and future tense to show possibilities and convincing style of language that he knows would make the lover fall for him. In How do I love thee by Elizabeth Barrett we see use of detailed description of how the lover perceives the feeling. In fact the author poses a question of how he/she can love thee and goes on to express it…



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