Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare Class

Units 7 Assignment Readings

Chapters 8–10 in Leadership in Healthcare

In Chapter 8 discover how to be a “change maker.” In Chapter 9 explore the value of commitment. In Chapter 10 examine emotional intelligence as the core to successful team leadership. Emotional intelligence is a value that keeps leaders respected, admired, emulated, and followed. In Unit 7, you will examine the steps to improving your emotional intelligence. In addition, you will learn how to maintain your commitment to your organization by examining other healthcare leaders’ strategies.

Chapter 15 in Ethics in Health Administration

In Chapter 15 learn how to apply codes of ethics into administrative practice.

Leadership Words of Wisdom

“The more one’s authority and breadth of responsibilities increases, the more control there should be over one’s own time and commitment. The head of an organization of any size quickly discovers that the great majority of his or her time must be closely related to that organization.” – Ted W. Engstrom



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