Knowledge Management & Innovation Theory

Knowledge Management and Innovation Theory
Arguably, world economy in the recent post-industrial times can be said to be an information-intensive atmosphere. A good number of scholars assert that, competition both in global and local market, distinction of the market place, as well as profitability is influenced by efficient knowledge. There are numerous definitions that have been put forward to explain the term ‘knowledge’, depending on the area in which it is applied. In this particular context or rather in the business context, the term ‘knowledge’ is used to refer to the state of being aware and able to understand specifics, truth, or information that is achieved through learning or experience.
Admittedly, to an organization or rather an enterprise, knowledge is considered as being an asset. However, unlike material assets this type of asset appreciates with time rather than depreciating, (Amrit 2002). It is evident that thoughts lead to new thoughts, and when knowledge is shared the receiver is augmented while the giver stays with it. Notably, creation of knowle…



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