Job Description for project manager

The role involves delivering exemplary customer experience to our business partners and end users by delivering key business deployments within tight margins. The successful candidate will be expected to drive efficiencies throughout the entire company through business process development, system selection and deployment, process training and change management.
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 Primary role in the leadership of major projects, of the main point of contact, with responsibility for the intellectual content of these projects, their overall delivery and the sensitive management of the client expectations and partner contributions. Feedback to internally any opportunities for further development or partnerships.
 Managing projects with a strong element of hardware and software deployment into customer environments, understanding the customer requirements thus ensuring projects achieve their stated goals within budget and on time.
 Management of all suppliers, other third parties such as Installers and internal departments and stakeholders involved in project releases to ensure a smooth and timely delivery.
 Deliver accurate project planning and reporting including budget Vs actual status, revenue reports, project plans, milestone reporting, lessons learned and RAG status.
 Work with managers in all functions to improve quality management and measurement….



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