IT392 Facilities Planning and Workplace Design

Standard Work Project
Revise an existing layout to improve standard work considering non-value added activities, design inefficiencies and work
in process.
Technical Requirements:
• Using the Standard Work Sheet in the “Standard Work Project.xls” file:
• Construct a layout of the current state
• Complete a spaghetti diagram identifying flow within the work area
• Use a takt time of 115 seconds
• View the “Standard Work” video several times to:
• Observe sequence of tasks
• Define tasks and record descriptions
• Record times over maximum number of cycles using the Time Observation Sheet.
• Calculate the average and best times for each task and the totals
• Complete the Std Work Comb Sheet
• Identify opportunities for improvement using the Std Work Sheet with Steps
• Construct a revised layout
• List the new sequence of steps
• (5 points) Cover page: project members, project title, date, course name and title
• (5 points) Abstract
• (5 points) Introduction – define the objective of the standard work project
• Evaluation of current state (refer to documentation from the technical requirements section above)
• (5 points) Explain the steps used in evaluating the current layout and results
• (10 points) Identify problems with the current layout, such as non-value added activities, inefficiencies, etc.
• Proposed future state
• (10 points) Explain the revised layout and recommended improvements to the work area
• (5 points) Provide any appropriate standard work instructions
• (5 points) Conclusions

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