Issue in the Nursing Literature

Social policy is regarded as a science primarily concerned with how the society responds to social needs of its members and also how the members struggle to provide an atmosphere conducive for others. Social policy touches on matters health care systems, inequality and even criminal justice and how challenges that come with addressing these issues can be resolved. In the health care and nursing arena, there exist many challenges worldwide which to a vast extent have contributed to poor or no services to the vulnerable in the society.
Issue in the Nursing Literature
A vivid example is the issue of morbid obesity in the United States. Morbid obesity is a severe health problem which is characterized by interference of basic mortar functions such as walking. Morbidly obese patients stand a greater chance of acquiring other illnesses such as osteoarthritis, reflux disease, sleep apnea and even cancer. It is often diagnosed through examination of the body mass index of a suspected patient. The body mass index, denoted by the acronym BMI is realized by determining the ratio …




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