Is London now a more ‘global’ city than New York?

Topic   1. Is London now a more ‘global’ city than New York?

Paper details 
1You will need to discuss the attributes and indicators of a ‘global’ city and should make detailed reference to two of the following in your answer: international finance; diversity of population; arts and cultural activities.
You are free to choose whatever items or artefacts you wish from those displayed at the Museum of London, but you must ensure that these enable you to cover the period required in an interesting and relevant manner. There must be an overall narrative linking the objects and the ‘history’ must be written in a coherent way.
2. c. Your work should be grammatically sound; please proof-read or spell-check before submission.
d. Evidence of adequate research and the use of an appropriate range of data sources and data presentation formats (graphs, charts, figures and tables, as relevant).
e. Quality and originality of analysis, which focuses on the question requirements.
f. A brief Executive Summary and Conclusion, each of no more than 250 word


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