Introduction to Business


Paper details 
Take any simple item (e.g. a pencil) and discuss how every aspect of that product relates to every chapter from the manufacturing aspect to the purchasing of the final product by the ultimate consumer.
Instructions for Outline
You must submit an outline of your final paper to your mentor for approval and comment. Carefully read the instructions for the Final Paper and prepare a detailed outline of your proposed paper. Your outline should be detailed and contain all the main and sub-topics that you plan to address in your final paper.

Instructions for Final Paper
Explain every aspect in a 15 page report. Think carefully and describe how each chapter would apply. If you believe that a particular chapter does not apply please describe why.
Formulate your paper in your own words; do not merely copy from your reading materials and from Internet sources. However, support the points you make with information from your course materials and from outside sources. Cite and document all sources of information with an appropriate reference.
The text book for this course is “Understanding Business” Eighth Edition (Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh) I only have the hard copy and cannot provide you with an ebook.

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