Internationalization of Behaviorism Perspective in Psychology

Behaviorism is a field that focuses on the different ways human beings act, conduct self, think or talk. Internationalization entails recognizing amazing variation in human behaviors, norms, explanation systems, conceptual structures and modes of interaction. Psychology is a discipline that is interested in studying the human behavior, establishing the reasons behind their reactions and understanding the mental processes. On a broader perspective, human beings portray various behaviors depending with the situations facing them, the environment, intellect and cultural norms tied to their upbringing. The diversity of behaviorism as a perspective of human psychology has been studied and different approaches projected by various researchers. The scope of this particular perspective is broad in the understanding that it can be aligned various viewpoints such as transnational viewpoint, trans-culturally or trans-disciplinary dimensions. The human behavior is usually learned through observation, practice and apprenticeship from the other people and surrounding environment.

In behaviorism perspective of psychology the discipline why we are a product of what we have learnt from our environment, how the environmental factors push our acting and the outcome of observable behavior. Behaviorism rejects the general idea that the environment we live in influences our way of thinking and doing things. This is because; the perspective bears the global viewpoint whereby there are many varying systems, conceptual structures and norms attached to different societies set up. This is more like to say a greater percentage of our behavior is connected to our cultural norms and practices besides the stimuli (environmental influence) and the observable response. Our behaviors inhibit the habits we have and are results of our thinking which is unseen in the min….



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