Illustration on ‘the dog is a man’s best friend’

In the story to build the fire, Jack Londons narrates a story of a man who struggled to make fire in the snow covered cliff to no avail since the weather was too frosty. He was accompanied by his dog which along was his main compatriot and only hope for survival in the horrid weather. The author presents the story in a more revealing style of intimacy between the dog and the man, which at some point the man cringed to and was desperate to do anything for survival. The story unravels a story of fight for survival in an entangled friendship which the man could not destroy by killing the dog so as to save his life, which represents acts of loyalty, betrayal and trust in the long run.

Deep in the woods by the hillsides, the place was covered by snow that took the temperatures to the extreme ends of one hundred and seven degrees freezing level. The man was out there with his dog and was struggling to keep up with the life threatening frost. First his cheek bones went numb and then followed the instant numbness of his nose and later the hands which could hardly feel anything. The author describes the situation in a more vivid manner whereby the man could hardly feel any pain, in an effort to collect timber and set up fire, he relied on his sight since he had lost grip and sense of touch from his fingers. The motions he made were merely supported by his arms as the snow had frozen the springs and whole place was ice cold. Under his feet he could hardly feel any pain while stepping on the ground but could only hear the crackle of snow-hidden ice-skin.

He at first time managed to light the fire which he used to warm himself and his dog as well as to dry his socks as moccasins…



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