In the course of study on context of American studies, we have come across the keyword identity that has strong influence on various aspects such as culture, politics and social perspectives in a society. The term identity is used to define an individual or a group of people who bear certain relationship in their personality, cultural connections, originality, faith and physical attitudes. Identity has helped establish the social perspectives of people, behavioral attributes, relationship status and physical qualities such as gender, sex, race and sexuality. The norms of a particular society have also been defined by identity which influences what other people perceives and understands them. In American case we focus on the positive attributes of identity of African Americans and the identity crisis revolving around racial boundaries in this multiculturalist state.

Identity begins with definition of who we are, understanding of our original backgrounds and acceptance of our physical attributes and beliefs. The society we live in is of strong influence to shaping our personalities, adoption of our cultural practices and development of our intellectuality and spirituality. In American case, the Africans have been able to establish their sense of recognition through cultivating the character of hard work in unending quest for equality. Initially, during the 19th century before civilization and establishment of democratic system of governing, there were rampant cases of racism, segregation and inequality in all sectors of the community such as politics, economy and social. The dominance of the whites who are mainly the natives of United States were the most privileged people who obtained better employment, quality education and attributed quality….



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