Identifying a Marketing Strategy for Sony Ericsson

According to my research, our group found that the most important opportunities for Sony Ericsson are environmentally friendly issue, energy efficiency of charger and recycling center. As a common theory in today’s business world, competition intensifies when new firms enter into the saturated market of any industry. It indicates that corporations must develop innovative products and services to compete and survive. Following a sector-wide slowdown in fiscal year 2009, the competitions for Sony Ericsson approximately divide into two sections: the environmentally friendly competition and the financial competition. To pursue a solid growth, the derivate problem behind competition is a viable marketing strategy for Sony Ericsson. Our interview questionnaire has objective evaluations reflecting how to utilize brand as a dominant role in the markets, how to enhance consumers’ knowledge about environmentally friendly, and how to gain more market share.
Mission Statement Initiates Concerns
Recalling the mission statement of SONY, Inc., “SONY’s mission is to become a leading global provi…



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