Identification of Biomarkers

A biomarker is an objective indicator of measuring the medical state through observing from outside to provide results that show the cause of the disease. The results give the clinical researchers the indications of either it’s a biological process, pathogenic process or pharmacologic process which responds to a therapeutic intervention. The use of biomarkers in the basic and clinical practice has been adapted fast in clinical research since they have repeatedly predicted the correct clinical outcomes across many treatments. The efficiency of the method has been justified and accredited due to its appropriate results. This article aims at defining the main strategies in which identification of bookmark can be enhanced in the clinical field and the use of ‘omics in drug discovery.

The use of biomarker has been accepted in the medical research due to its effectiveness and articulacy in providing the real outcomes of a disease. Employing biomarkers helps to improve the morbidity and the mortality by not changing the quantifiable features of patient’s innate biochemistry but enhancing treatment through providing the right prescriptions of the diseases (Jain and Kewal 102). One benefit of using biomarkers is that they can provide the clinical researcher with the interim evidence about the safety of a certain treatment and a diagnosis of a particular disease especially those…



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