The hospitality industry has been a critical sector in modern world and has undergone revolution with innovation of better services and emergence of modern technology. The Hilton hotels and resorts is an existing example of worldwide known hotel that was established in 1919 by Conrad Collins and has grown globally. It has been able to reach epitome of success due to its innovativeness, well designed business model and a systematic management structure. It has become an established international chain of full service hotel and restaurant under Hilton brand with branches across the world. On the other hand, Hyatt hotel and restaurant which has established a global brand with its exceptional resort services in hotel industry which has embraced new models of service delivery in high end customer service to distinguish it from the competitors. Hyatt hotels and restaurants have been focused in offering high end customer services in the hospitality sector in customers’ lifestyles. In these paper, we seek to explore the different roles of management in these two hotels that have enabled them be world class.

Hilton hotels are owned by, managed by and franchised to self-sufficient operators by Hilton Worldwide. Hilton Hotels has a chain of international hotel series under the same brand name and offer concurrent type of services, which makes the customers feel as part of organization from wherever they are situated across the world. The company has focused on marketing its exclusive services on business travels and leisure travels. It has established many branches within major cities and towns which connects it worldwide clientele. The company’s marketing model targets major cities, proximity to airports, convection centers and vacation resorts across world destinations. Hilton ensures their guests receive authentic and contemporary experiences which helps build on its worldwide image and reputation….



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