Holistic Approach to Nursing and Cultural Approach to Nursing

This paper will focus on the viewpoints of two influential nursing theorists, whom have helped to provide nurses and the public with insight on their understandings of each of the four concepts that make up the nursing metaparadigm. Through the exploration of both Roy’s holistic approach to nursing and Leininger’s cultural approach to nursing, I will be able to conclude my findings and produce a philosophy of nursing that is unique to my own ideas, values, and beliefs of what the metaparadigm of nursing represents to me.
The first concept of nursing that will be focused on is, person. Roy has provided a general framework that allows for a baseline understanding of the metaparadigm. Roy’s view of person, as stated in the Roy Adaptation Model (2009), is as follows, “An adaptive system with cognator and regulator subsystems acting to maintain adaption in four adaptive modes: physiologic – physical, self – concept – group identity, role function, and interdependence” (p. 12). Leininger has also been a notable contributor but more so for her incorporation of the importance of culture …




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