History of the Nursing Profession

In the 1980’s, the nursing profession was transformed by World War two. The first known nurse during the early years of the Christian church was Phoebe a deaconess. Phoebe took care of both men and woman, in 323 A.D construction of a hospital has begun in every cathedral town. Nursing professionalized in the late 19th century. Larger hospitals set up nursing schools that attracted ambitious women from working-class back grounds. Till the early 1900s, nursing schools came to an end and was controlled by hospitals. The hospitals took control and no longer need book learning just experience, training and used the student nurses as cheap labor. In the late 1920s the women’s specialities in health care included 294,000 trained nurses, 150,000 untrained nurses, 550,000 other hospital workers most women and 47,000 midwives. The nation’s 3.1 million nurses work in diverse settings and fields and are frontline providers of health care services. Most nurses prefer to work in acute care settings. Nurses fill a wide variety of positions in healthcare. Florence Nightingale was not the first to p…



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