History of Korean Immigrants

Immigrant in United States had me thought a lot about immigrants, more specifically Korean immigrants. I chose to focus on Korean immigrants because the city that I come from, Orange County, California, has a large Asian population. I do have some friends that are actually from another country and I would hear comment about green card, immigrant acts, their home country, and citizenship status. My hometown is the one that influenced me to research about the history of Korean immigrant.
January 13, 1903, first group of Korean immigrants arrived to Hawaii for work and/or school. Korean immigrants grow only little by little. The unique part of that decade is Picture Brides. It is another term for mail-order bride. Korean male immigrants in United States at the time tend to get lonely and want to marry Korean woman. They would send pictures to Korea and find someone that is willing to marry him and move to United States (Women’s History in Public: “Picture Brides” of Hawaii). I find that quite unique and it’s actually common during early 1900s…



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