Health Care Advocacy for the Patients

Health care system has continuously advocated for improved quality care that is accessible to all human beings. The health care industry is however faced with several challenges that impend the common goal of leading a healthy lifestyle in many communities. In my county, Preston Georges, Maryland where I am a nurse in one of the hospitals, I have come across the problem of obtaining medical services due to high cost of health insurance. The cost of obtaining health insurance is high which makes it difficult for the patients to access proper treatment especially in case of an emergency. The health care policy within the county needs reforms to advocate better health care services for the less privileged members of the society.

The common goal of all health facilities is to develop an effective system that can provide necessary services for treatment of patients in any society irrespective of any impediments such as financial issues. As a health personnel in the nursing department, I have advocated for improved access to patients health care by supporting a flexible hospital schedule. The hospital I work at times experience shortage of staff members due to increased number of patients and this calls for a flexible schedule to ensure patients are regularly attended. According to the report by Institute of Medicine Committee on Quality of Health Care in America (2001), the importance of providing quality health service cannot be ignored since there have been cases of patients getting to worse situations or losing their lives in hospitals due to neglect. Despite the challenge of having to cope with under-staffing, by adopting a flexible system has been effective in serving the patients which requires commitment and availability.

The implementation of the health care policy of Prince Georges County is a contributing factor of inaccessibility because the authorities have maintained high rates of paying for insurance cover. Health insurance helps the people to pay for treatments in advance which acts as a security in the event that when one falls sick in the future they will not have to struggle to raise hospital bills. I have been involved in educating the patients on importance of having a health insurance cover. To promote the patients’ rights there is need for raising awareness through voluntary associations that advocate for affordable health care regionally and nationally, for instance through American Cancer Society that runs campaigns on cancer treatment (Nelson, Smedley, and Stith, 2002). In health centers, the environment for treating the patients should be professional as well as friendly whereby the patients enjoy the services from the personnel….



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