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write an essay answering flowing questions and please answer all parts o the questions.Please note also that you will have to do some outside research in order to answer the essay questions well (for example, in order to briefly explain the medicalization of pregnancy, or the effect of birth order on inequality within families, if you choose to do so). Make sure to use sociological terms and concepts from relevant lectures (most important), readings, and films in your answers.
a) What is medicalization? What “happens” when a condition becomes medicalized? How is the concept of medicalization related to sociology, as we have discussed it in the course this term? (E.g. culture, deviance, socialization, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, or functionalism, social institutions & authority, credentialing, etc).
b) Please identify 2 different types of conditions that have become medicalized in the last several decades. (In other words, don’t discuss two mental conditions, or two conditions related to childhood, pick two different types of conditions). Discuss and evaluate the process and consequences of the medicalization of each condition. Meaning, how did condition X come to be medicalized? What has been the outcome of our redefining condition X as a medical condition? Is this outcome largely beneficial or largely harmful, in your opinion, and why?
c) What alternatives are there to medicalization? In other words, what better ways might we treat, or evaluate, different behaviors or conditions that have recently become medicalized? Why are your solutions better?

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