HCAD 630 Week 11 Conference Paper

Chapter 24 discusses environmental health in public health. Clean water, clean air, safe food, healthful working and
living conditions, and effective waste management are all environmental health concerns (pages 572-582).
For this order, attach a news article, magazine article, or journal article that identifies a situation (positive or
negative) involving one or more of these environmental health concerns. Briefly summarize the article and explain which
governmental level of public health is involved and how a public health administrator at that level might be involved in
leading the effort to address the issue.
For example, you might identify a situation where drinking water was contaminated or you might identify a situation where
a public health entity was proactively attempting to improve some aspect of the food supply. The example can also be from
a country other than the U.S.
Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion paragraph

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