Gender in Nursing

Are male nurses accepted by female nurses? Nursing was mainly a female career, over the year’s males are moving into the role of nursing (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008). The shortage of nurses could be a factor why males are entering the nursing field. According to (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008 in 1963 on 1% of nurses were male and in 2000 5.4% are male. People question a male’s sexuality if they move into the nursing profession. Public’s assume that the male nurses are homosexual as cited by (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008. Whereas women are accepted in the role of a physician, men are challenged by the role of nursing. A study was done to determine the attitude of acceptances of the male nurses by female nurses (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008).

A quantitative-descriptive design was used to inquire the level of acceptance of male nurses by practicing female registered nurses in rural and urban areas. The setting was a large Midwestern state with urban and rural areas. This area had evident of the nursing shortage was evident (McMillan, Morgan & Ament, 2008). The university’s …


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