Finance Q & A

1. Explain why market prices are useful to the financial manager.
The financial manager is responsible for giving financial advice and support to clients and colleagues that will enable them to make good business decisions. Particular work environments differ considerable and involve both public and private sector organizations such as retailers, corporations, financial institutions, charities, and even small manufacturing companies and schools (Financial Manager, 2011).
Primarily, financial managers look at the market price in maximizing the value of the firm. The market value is the present value of the net cash flow divided buy the risk. Investors consider the firm’s future and present earnings, disadvantages or risks and other factors that will influence a firm prior to deciding to create an investment decision and the market price of the stock that will reflect all the information considering these factors (Arain, 2011).
2. Discuss how the Valuation Principle helps a financial manager make decisions.
Valuation Principle is the analysis between values of benefits and co…





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