Fedora Custom Kernel

• Custom Kernel – You will research and complete customization of the Linux kernel to serve a specific need or purpose. You may want to eliminate excess components of the kernel to improve memory use or some other purpose.
• You must provide a brief paper (Ideally no more than two pages or approximately 350 words) that contains the following elements:
1. Describes what exploration into customization you are attempting including why you selected the particular modification to attempt
2. Describes the basic steps you took to make the changes including at least 2 screen captures
3. Describes what you learned from the experience that you did not know before you started
4. References section to provide the Internet source you used for instruction on making your modification
• Please be certain your paper represents a proper academic work including a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and APA formated references, and complete absence of plagiarism.
• Completion of this assignment must be on or before
Scoring – This assignment has multiple levels allowing you to put in as much effort as you want for the maximum credit of 200 points.
• Level 1: Completed one customization and required paper submission – 100 Points added to the Assignment portion of your grade
• Level2: Complete your customization by working with a partner from the class (This needs to be approved prior to forming your team). The activity must contain an additional customization element on a single virtual machine. Each still needs their own individual required paper from Level 1, as well as a combined paper on the additional modification. – 50 Points added to the Assignment portion of your grade or 25 points added to an exam score.


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