Exploring the Different Types of Non-Verbal Communication

Communication is an interactive process whereby people seek to induce some form of change in attitude, belief, or behavior. (Moore, Hickson III and Stack, 2010, p. 5) It is the primary avenue that people use to send and receive messages through predetermined codes.
Communication is broken down into verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication is an oral interaction between individuals and considered to be an explicit method of communication. Since sounds, words, speaking, and language are the main mechanism in verbal communication, complex thoughts and ideas can be expressed effortlessly. In order to communicate effective, a common language in which words has a specific meaning have to be developed so the message sent, can be receive the way the sender intended. For example in business, verbal communication can make or break a deal if the information is not perceive and it was relay by the sender. The key to successful verbal communication is accurate information.
Another vital part of communication is nonverbal communication; it is used 60 to 90 percent of the…



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