Ethic cases


Each of your answers should be a paragraph, so you will have a total of six paragraphs for the two cases.

Chapter 1


The purpose of this written assignment is to enable students to utilize their writing skills as good oral and written communication ability is a requirement for success in the business world.  Technology is powerful but has often resulted in a societal deficiency in properly communicating in a written form. Leaders in the corporate world have told educators to emphasize “writing throughout the curriculum” so that students will get an opportunity to use this skill in all of their courses including those that are science and numbers oriented.  Since ethical issues are of such importance to accountants your writing assignment is based on this topic.  All of us have our own set of ethical standards so your paper will only be evaluated on its completeness and use of language, not whether or not I agree with you. 


This assignment must be turned in no later than the last day of class, Thursday December 12th, 2013.  If you wish to E-mail the assignment, you may have until Friday December 13th 2013.


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