Environmental Health Hazards and Children

Environmental hazard is the state whereby abnormal turn of events within our surroundings poses threat to the natural environment which adversely affect all things living in that habitat. In this case we are talking about the pollutants emitted to the natural environment such as water and air which consequently affect human, animal and plant life. Human activities have been identified as the leading cause of harm to the environment with their ever-increasing desire to conquer the world mainly through industrial revolution. The influence has exerted health risks to people’s livelihood, animals living on land and in water and the general vegetation. The effect of climate change has led global warming due to increase in temperature degrees that have caused change in rainfall patterns, drought and famine. In this paper, I am focusing on the health hazards that have been triggered by environmental disruptions, causes of environmental hazards and their effect on humans, animals and plants.

Health hazards refers to the scientifically proven chemical, physical and or biological agents that cause harm on human beings once disposed to the environment they live in. the environmental contamination of these agents may directly or indirectly cause health malfunctions and infectious diseases such as illnesses, disabilities or death. These public health threats are affected by the relationship between people and the physical, chemical and biological nature of our natural environments. In this paper we mainly focus on the dangers posed on the human health since their activities have been the main cause of many environment hazards. The present and future generations have been posed with a global challenge of living in an endangered environment due to our activities of increased chemical emissions (Lobell & Burke, 2010). The acute reduction of vegetation cover …



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