Engineering and Construction

Global, Societal, and Contemporary Issues
Purpose: This assignment is to explore the following issues. The engineering profession is
interesting from a technological point of View, but engineers must be aware that engineering
solutions can have an impact on people’s lives in both positive and negative ways.
1. Impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context.
2. Contemporary issues
This assignment allows you to do research and reflect on these issues. At the very least, it will
help you become aware of the engineering profession in a broader sense.
The assignment is to research global and societal contexts and contemporary issues and to write
a two or three page summary paper. Your paper should have
1. Cover page: Includes the title of your paper, your name, course number, and date.
2. Section 1. Introduction.
This should include the purpose, scope, and plan of development of your paper.
3. Section 2. Global Economy.
Discuss how the electrical/electronic engineering profession may change over the
next 20 years due to the global economy. Identify at least one way how the
profession may change. (E.g., use of robotics, manufacturing abroad, emphasis on
alternative forms of energy.)
4. Section 3. Societal Impact.
Identify at least one electrical/electronic engineering technology over the last 50
years whose impact has affected societies and Cultures in multiple countries.
(E.g., transistors, computers, cell phones.)
Identify at least one new or emerging electronic/electrical technology you believe
may have a broad impact in the future. (E.g., going wireless, low-cost efficient
solar cells, electric vehicles.)
5. Section 4. Contemporary Technical Issues.
Identify at least one current electrical/electronic engineering technology or
technological issue that is important. (E.g., embedded systems, computer/Internet
security, nanotechnology.)
6. Conclusions
7. References

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