Effective Communication Skills

Listening is a vital element of communication and it is very much different from hearing sense of human. A meaningful communication requires both a good listener and a speaker. However, the effect of a listening style may vary depending on the occasions and situations a listener is in. Sometimes, speaker exhibit ineffective style such as defensiveness, ambushing, pseudo-listening, stage hogging and selective listening in their communication tracks.

I am a good listener because I pay my whole attention to the speaker commentswho comes to me so they can be heard. People like to know they have been heard and I can do that job very well but hearing and truly listening are two different things. In my opinion, listening engage you to hear what the speaker says and asses you to response with your opinion so that they know their voices have been heard.
Listening is a skill that shouldn’t be taken underrated. My good listening habits came from my parents. I have adapted this listening sense after them. To further classify my listening habits I found myself to be a supportive lis…



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