Definition of Religion in Relation to Humanity

In this paper I argue that religion is about undergoing self-transformation to align one’s actions and faith to the commonly agreed principles between people. I believe that the aspect of religion should be based on self-realization which gives an individual room to understand themselves first, the people around them and transcendence rather than being impacted with things of mare beliefs of different groupings. I conquer with Confucian religiosity that is expressed through infinite potential and inexhaustible strength of human being for self transcendence. The human way of living peacefully with each other and their environment that knows no bounds is the way to heaven and right connection to the creator. The major dimensions I base my arguments on are the person as a single individual, the community which involves people around him and the transcendent.

My perception of things is that the world has been fighting over the right path of going to heaven and the right faith that all humanity should follow to end to eternal life. The journey begins with the principles that are instilled on a new line of generation by those who that precede them, and I believe every single measure should be taken on every individual. Any religion should not be judged on people’s behavior or how they do things but rather the morals it upholds and how they integrate and suit every individual….



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