Critiquing a Qualitative Nursing Research Article

The purpose of this paper is to critique a qualitative research article in all phases of the report. For this purpose, the article that will be used is “Lamentation and loss: expression of caring by contemporary surgical nurses” written by Carol Enns and David Gregory. This paper will address the problem statement, literature review, conceptual underpinnings and research questions, research design/method, ethical considerations, sampling, data collection, data analysis, confirmability of the findings, interpretation and discussion of findings, additional considerations, and rating the scientific merit of a research report.
Problem Statement
The phenomenon of interest has been identified as the expressions of caring by nurses on acute care general surgical wards (Enns, C., Gregory, D., 2007). This problem statement was addressed promptly and clearly in the article. The caring research that has been obtained in other studies has yielded inconsistent results due to the varying definitions of caring. Numerous research has been done on the phenomenon of caring by nurses specializ…




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