Counselling Psychology in Therapeutic Practice

The values and ethics have influenced the social lives of people in various ways pertaining how their political issues are conducted. This influence has impacted a positive change within these systems. Counselling psychology is an important subject because it enables the society to examine itself and identify its functioning systems and provide solutions to the problems facing the community. This process of examining the complexity of the values and ethics has existed for a long time and can be traced during the days of the Socrates writings in Ancient Greece (Bunn, Lovie & Richards, 2001). Counselling psychology has undergone a chain of changes in development before being established as a profession as it is treated in the modern society. The sections of this paper seek to discuss the development of counselling psychology and the theories that emerged while identifying the values and ethics required in the therapeutic practice. Later in the paper, awareness of the ethical values will be discussed which will be followed by the challenges faced by the psychotherapists. The subject of counselling philosophy enables the society to evoke questions on particular values and ethics and respond to them according to the way they impact individuals and the entire community.

Development of counselling psychology

Counselling psychology is an effective therapeutic practice as it enables the victims of depression and psychological distress to recover from their conditions. The purpose of counselling is to provide a supportive and safe environment for individuals experiencing complexities in their lives to refocus. According to Bunn, Lovie, and Richards (2001), psychological counselling emerged as a profession in the United Kingdom. The psychological counselling practice initially sought to provide an understanding of the psychology of humans by researching and carrying out tests….



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