Consultation Assignment for Industrial and organizational psychology class

Using the following guidelines:
This paper is the full consultation report for XYZ Corporation.  Your job is to incorporate the consultation reports from previous weeks into one cohesive document.  Please do not just resubmit the pieces.  Rather make sure the document cohesively flows.  For example, your description of workplace assessment may have changed as you learned more about workplace motivation. That is, your consultation report should show your growth in knowledge as the class progressed.  Remember, you are writing this paper as a plan- a course of action. As such, it is imperative that you include an actionable list for the client to quickly view upon receipt of this paper. The actionable list should include all steps that you, as an IO Psychologist, recommend the client organization take in order to facilitate the positive growth their organization seeks. The items on the actionable list should be explained in-depth within the text of your paper. You can choose to focus more on one important area.  For example, if you hypothesize that XYZ needs to place most of its emphasis on workplace motivation, then you can use more of the paper to cover this area.  Your job will be to come up with a comprehensive consultation plan that you would present to XYZ Corporation.  Thus, make sure you back up your ideas with references (i.e., tell them why your strategies will work or why they should focus on particular areas).
·        Length – The body of all research papers written in the Master’s Program must be fifteen (15) pages in length max!! (excluding title page and references).
·        Format – Follow APA format 6th edition/Graduate Program standards.
·        References – **At least ten (10) references** are required (All references must be used and cited in the text of your paper and the sources must come from major academic journals).

Important READ******************************************************************
*Use 10 references with citations from different sources to back up what your writing.
*APA 6th edition format only *Please only use 15 pages of content not counting 1st page and reference page. But please don’t write more then 15 pages of content!!


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