Conservation and preservation activities

Conservation and preservation activities
Paper instructions:
Conservation and preservation activities are currently part of all national forest management programs. Hetch Hetchy Valley, a part of Yosemite National Park, has
been the topic of ongoing debate between those wanting to install a dam and others who believe it should be left in its original state.
Research the “Hetch Hetchy Valley” online.  You can start with the following website to familiarize yourself with the Hetch Hetchy Valley:
Write three letters to the editor of your local newspaper about the Hetch Hetchy Valley.
·      The first letter must be from the standpoint of a conservationist and the second one must be from the standpoint of a preservationist.
·      For the third letter assume that during development of the Hetch Hetchy Valley a truck transporting trichloroethylene (TCE) struck a tree resulting in 100
gallons of spilled TCE.  Describe how the four steps of environmental risk assessment might be used to evaluate the risks this spill could pose to the Hetch Hetch
·      Each letter must be 350- to 700-words each.


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