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the semantic interoperability between distance learning systems in a cloud environment. In literature, I found twomajor approaches : Using standards or use of ontologies. The use of standards is not obvious for the existing systems. So we must use ontologies.The idea is that each learning system is represented by an ontology. Interoperability between systems is to find correspondences between the conceptsof ontologies that represent them. There are several methods to achieve this goal : the mapping , alignment , merging and integration. In each method ,there are several techniques ( MAFRA , PROMPT , … ) .I want to know which mode is suitable for my context , a comparative study between techniquesthat meet the same need . The comparison must be based on a list of clear indicators . The choice of technique should be based . A proposal toimprove the technique is also required. A table of statistics and measures to illustrate the choice the selection according to a test set.I want to submitthis article to a scientific journal: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (Ijim). So it must be formatted according to the format adoptedby this journal.




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