China-kenya economic cooperation

This is a paper I’m going to defend, so it needs more clarification than one I would hand in.
The main problem I have with this paper is that the previous writer just copied from other papers.
1. It was mostly text and not structured text. I feel most comfortable when subtitles (like 5.0) have main points (like (5.1, 5.2, etc) cause it makes the paper concise and not too wordy

2. the main question that will be answered in the conclusion at the end of the thesis and then the same conclusion should support my opinion on the china-kenya economic cooperation (I’m not really a fan of it, I’ll have a problem defending it otherwise.)
Must have points of the thesis, introduction aside: (you can add extra points you deem important but remember I cannot exceed 8000 words, I prefer a maximum of 6500-7000, minimum must be 6000)
In the main body there MUST be these points (instructions from the supervisor). If you can find more fitting ones, you can add them but these ones must be a part of the thesis.
I. Introduction
1. Nature of the study
2. Problem statement and Research question
3. Objectives
4. Methodology
5. Data collection

II. Overview of the Chinese economic presence in Kenya
1. Aid
2. Trade
3. Investment
III. Analysis of the interactive relations between trade, investment and aid
1. Aid-Investment
2. Investment-Trade
3. Trade-Aid
IV. Evaluation of the effect of Chinese economic presence in Kenya (using aid, trade and investment)
1. Positive effects (quote Dambisa Moyo’s point as a passage in this subtitle, not a subhead)
2. Negative effects
V. In the conclusion
(there should be these following points)
1. Briefly compare west-kenya vs china-kenya economic cooperation?
2. What is the importance, relevance and significance of this study?
3. Policy paper implications and theory.
3.1. Domestic market
3.2. Regional integration
3.3. International trade
4. What the research brings to the table in terms of this question (the research question that has to be in the introduction)
5. Policy recommendations
They are going to need like an analysis of the figures and tables plus the formulas. And from the text around them, it’s not clear.
all the abbreviations should be listed
references and footnotes


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