Challenges of Adolescence

Challenges of Adolescence“[There is a] commonly held idea that adolescence is a time of storm and stress. But this stereotype holds true for only a small minority of adolescents. Most make adjustments to cope with the changes in positive ways” (Martin & Fabes, 2009, p. 445).
As noted in this quotation, adolescence is often perceived as a turbulent and difficult period of life. Although it may not be as stormy as popularly perceived, it can indeed be a stressful time in human development. Consider what you have learned and also draw on your experience regarding the challenges of adolescence and ways that important adults can support adolescents in working through those challenges. In particular, review Table 16.5 on page 549 in the course text for ways to enhance adolescents’ resilience.
With these thoughts in mind:
By Day 3:Post the following:

A specific reason (within the domain of physical, cognitive/language, or social-emotional development) why adolescence can be a “stormy and stressful” time in human development. Include both a positive way and negative way that an adolescent might respond to this challenge. Illustrate with a personal example from your own teen years or from the experience of adolescents you know.

Your ideas for how families, schools, and communities can provide guidance and support to help adolescents successfully deal with challenges they experience during this stage of development. Include personal observations about what works best to help strengthen adolescents’ resilience




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